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Man of the Year
The honor of Man of the Year is given out during the Cattlemen & CattleWomen's Annual Winter Dinner. TCCA Man of the Year is chosen by three past recipients that are currently active in TCCA. We recognize an outstanding citizen in the Tehama COunty that is dedicated to helping others. They are strong leaders and involved in the betterment of our community. We recognize outgoing individuals that are doing something continuously for a cause (scholarships, private landowner rights, committee chairmen, etc.) This individual can be a man or women, cattleman or businessman with a one thing in common; a strong commitment to Tehama County and its residents.
Man of the Year Winter Dinner
Year Recipient
2018 Richard Ross
2017 Brad Peek
2016 Cathy Bjornestad-Tobin
2015 Roger Nicholson
2014 Chris Marenco
2013 Tony Turri
2012 Wally Roney
2011 John Growney
2010 Bill Barton
2009 Richard Buchner
2008 Gary Durden
2007 Andy Peak
2006 Ron Anderson
2005 Joan Hemsted and Jean Barton
2004 John Owens
2003 Leland Davis
2002 Lou Bosettiand Robert Douglas
2001 Vic Woolery
2000 Elwin Roney
1999 Dusty deBraga
1998 Craig Owens
1997 Al Marenco
199 Curtis Knox
199 Jim Owens
1994 Dick O’Sullivan
1993 Jim Edwards
1992 Norman Elston
1991 Ralph Owens
1990 Bob Kerstiens
1999 John Deming
1988 Jerry Hemsted
1987 Bill Borror
1986 Jack Alford
1985 Arlo Stroing
1984 C. Roy Carmichael
1983 Ron Knight
1982 Abner McKenzie
1981 Bill Owens
1980 Curtiss Wetter
1979 George Wiswall
1978 Angelo Mendonca
Citizen of the Year  
1977 Andy Giambroni
1976 Jim Froome
1975 Jack Owens
1974 Lyman Willard
1973 Darrell Conard
1972 Ellington Peek
63rd Annual Winter Dinner
62nd Annual Winter Dinner
61st Annual Winter Dinner
Tehama County Cattlemen "Man of the Year", Brad Peek